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You shouldn’t have to live life without a confident and functional smile. We provide both implant supported dentures and traditional dentures to meet the varying needs of our patients.

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are replacement teeth that are anchored by dental implants. Dental implants are tiny titanium rods that act like replacement tooth roots. They are placed into the jawbone, and after some healing time, the implants are restored with dentures.

Our implant supported dentures simply snap on to the dental implants. You can effortlessly snap your dentures on and off whenever you want.

We also provide dentures that are attached to just 4 strategically placed dental implants. This approach requires a shorter surgical procedure and less healing time.

Here are a few of the reasons why our patients love implant supported dentures:

Stable and Reliable | Implant supported dentures work just like natural teeth. They won’t shift, slide, or fall out. You can chew and talk without fear of embarrassment.
Easier Lifestyle | These dentures make speaking naturally and eating normally a breeze. You’ll feel like your real teeth are doing all the work again.
A Lifelong Smile | Often, implant supported dentures that are well cared for can last for a lifetime.

Traditional Dentures

Nowadays, traditional dentures are attractive and custom-fit. We strive to make our traditional dentures just right for your beautiful smile. Some of the reasons that patients might choose traditional dentures over implant supported dentures are:

Insufficient Bone Density | Some patients have experienced jawbone deterioration and do not have enough bone density left for the placement of dental implants. In this case, traditional dentures are a good alternative.
Inexpensive Option | Traditional dentures are one of the least expensive ways to replace full sets of teeth.
Immediate Results | After your consultation with Dr. Hwang, it won’t be long until you can start loving your full and complete smile. You don’t have to undergo healing time to start wearing your traditional dentures.

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